We sat down this week with Katherine from Fresh Prints Press. She’s our newest featured maker at Loxley and Leaf, and her shop, now two years old is thriving, with 90’s hip hop inspired hand-lettered prints, cross stitch, apparel and art.

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Enter the Studio of Fresh Prints Press!

Tell us a little about Fresh Prints Press! How’d you start? Where are you headed? Any Big projects on the horizon?

About three years ago, I took a calligraphy class, and while I totally admire the traditional style of calligraphy, I really struggled with it! Instead of trying to perfect my calligraphy skills, I leaned into my own handwriting, and started experimenting with words and quotes. I thought I could maybe turn this into a little business, and I brainstormed what kind of prints I would hang in my own home or office. When I landed on 90s hip-hop lyrics for prints, the ideas poured out of me. I opted for 90s hip-hop to give myself some focus, BUT two years into this Fresh Prints journey, I’m looking to expand my focus. The new year may bring new projects!

You jumped right on board when we reached out about a potential collaboration (thanks!!). Is charitable giving something you’ve been wanting to do with your work? Tell us a little bit about why you chose the Mass ACLU.

Supporting charities close to my heart is a huge personal priority. I work for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in my full-time job because people in my life have been affected by cancer. This year I’m donating half of my Fresh Prints sales in December to Planned Parenthood because I am committed to preserving women’s reproductive rights. Through my Loxley + Leaf collection, I am supporting the Massachusetts ACLU. The hip-hop culture is deeply diverse, so electing a charity that celebrates and embraces that diversity was incredibly important. Our country is in a weird place right now, so supporting an organization that is pure and good, it’s just my small way of trying to make our world a better place.

I’m in love with your ‘Funky Ass Shit’ print. No question, just wanted to let you know!

Fresh Prints Press - Funky Ass Shit Print
Thank you! That lyric is one of my favorites. Snoop is a creative king.

So why 90’s hip hop (aside from the fact that it makes for rad product art!)?

The lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways. I listen to 90s hip-hop with different ears now. I love digging into the lyrics to find inspiration and positive messages. My friends and family are awesome resources too! Folks bring me lyric suggestions all the time – I love it!

Fresh Prints Press Studio

You recently got married! Congrats! Any big plans now that the wedding planning is behind you?

Thank you! We had the most perfect day ever. I loved planning our day, but it was like another full-time gig! It’s been nice to come home from work, and not feel pressured to push through a to-do list. Now I come home and snuggle with our two pups, Sage and Walter, cook, cross-stitch, go to the gym – or let’s be serious, go to bed early because I’m way more of an early bird than a night owl. 🙂

Who/What’s Your Favorite…

Maker right now? I am currently obsessed with Beast or God out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Aside from Greenpoint being my former neighborhood, the embroidery coming out of this shop is unreal. The skulls and roses are the cutest. I want to learn embroidery next.
90’s hip hop song? Without hesitation, Biggie’s “Juicy.”
Funky cheese? I’m not sure if it’s considered “funky,” but I could eat a wheel of brie every day of my life. And yes, I eat the rind because it’s delicious and I’m an adult.
Artist? I recently learned about Caitlin Keogh‘s work. The way she explores gender is really interesting, and I’m excited to visit her exhibit at the ICA in May 2018!
Restaurant around town? We moved to Malden, MA about two years ago, and All Seasons Table in Malden Center has the BEST sushi.
Local Beer? My buds own Winter Hill Brewing Company in Somerville, and their Darlin’s IPA is my perfect beer.

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