To say we started Loxley and Leaf because of Anthony Bourdain isn’t really correct. But, a long time before there was Loxley and Leaf, Tony inspired in us the value of craft. People making things by hand, making something for others to share, and more importantly pursuing goodness. Its a lost avenue of our consumer culture, and one we believe in. When you listened to Tony talk about food, artisans, the geo-political situation, you knew you were getting the perspective of someone who believed in craft, and that was (and continues to be) important to us. So Mr. Bourdain, I hope you’ve found a little bit of peace; thank you, and we’ll miss you.

What Have We been up to?

Its been a little while since we took to the web in any capacity. We’re hard at work creating a brand new website, revamping our product line, and fulfilling the promise of focus we made to start the year. We’ve created three new scents, which aren’t available on the web yet, but you can totally cop if you come visit us at one of our MANY market dates over the next couple of months. Our goal is to have the website up by July, with a whole bunch of new stuff including our brand spanking new incense, and diffusers! We’re also going to be selling at a bunch of rad farmers markets over the course of the summer. Come see us in Milford, Cromwell, Wethersfield, Colchester, Manchester and East Haddam, as well as the Newington Extravaganza and Westport Historical Society on July 22nd.

What’s going on in the world?

Nothing good. It’s been tempting to check out over the last few weeks. It feels like a never ending string of sadness coming from the media, devices and the internet. Children in cages, polar ice caps hemorrhaging mass, North Korea, and the CO2 levels reaching points not seen since the mass extinction of the dinosaurs have us a bit down. Stay strong, and be ready to vote in November! In the meantime we’ve been able to donate about $50 to the Little Free Library since January, so thats a good start. We’ll be announcing a new charitable cause when the website goes live. Stay tuned.

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