Its been about 9 months since we went live, and we’ve learned a ton. We had our first Holiday Season and loved connecting with our local maker community. Then, we did a little soul searching and as we move forward, we’re looking to shift our focus a bit here at Loxley & Leaf. We’ve realized that being pure of heart but coming off a bit scattered doesn’t help our mission as well as we’d like, and makes it hard for us to concentrate on the things that really matter to us. We’re intensely proud of our mission, the goods we’ve created, and the progress we’ve made in 2017, but we wanted to fill you in on some new steps we’re going to take in 2018, our New Years Resolutions (if you will…)!

1. Transparency

We want to be more transparent about our charitable donations. When you buy a product from us, we give a portion of the proceeds to many different great causes; but as we add more products, and sell more, it becomes exceedingly difficult to keep track of. With that in mind, we’ve made a decision to pick a single charity at a time that our sales will support, changing it up depending on the flavor of the month (or more). This will allow us to make a greater impact with our donations, and make it easier to tell you what we’re up to, which we’ll strive to do on a monthly basis.

But don’t fret, all products from our maker lines will still support the causes they’ve chosen forevermore. We’re excited about our mission to make a positive change while selling purposely designed goods. Stay tuned for more!

Renewed Focus on Home Goods and Candles2. Focus

We fell into a bit of a trap this year that many young businesses fall into. We tried to be all things to all people. Rather than focusing on creating a consistently excellent product, we tried to expand our product line at all costs. While we’re happy with the products we’ve created, we’re also starting to recognize that it’s hard for you, our customer, to see what our end goal is. With that in mind, we’ve put a ton of thought into how to add some focus to our business in 2018 by expanding on our Loxley & Leaf Essential Oil Candle Line, and adding more essential oil based fragrance products in the next year. We’re going to continue working with makers to create a more curated line of home goods and home accessories. This will mean that we are going to retire some of our designs and products 😢 as we refocus, and while we’re sad to see them go, we’re VERY excited about what this year will bring.

3. Markets

We did our first couple of markets in November/December and we had a blast meeting all of you. As we expand our product line, look for us at more of your favorite makers markets and farmers market events in 2018! As always we look forward to meeting you!

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